Can I use this service if I am not in the USA?
Yes. You can connect from anywhere in the world.

What name will appear on my credit card?
Charges will read TTLK Services or TTLK on your cardholder statement. This is what will appear on your credit card receipt. Please make a note of this so you do not forget. *Any charges through Zombaio LLC will read ZOMBAIO.COM on your cardholder statement for the merchant Null House Media,

Is this private?
Yes. All calls are completely private and secure. There are no recordings and no one listens in.

Will the operator be able to see my phone number?
All calls are private, the operator does not see your phone number and you cannot see the operators’ number.

Will I have to provide credit card details to the operators?
No. The operator will not have access to your credit card. Your credit card will never be charged without direct action from you (meaning you log in and use your credit card to make a purchase).You will never be required to provide your credit card details to the operator.

If I am not connected, do I still get charged?
No. You are only charged when a successful connection to the operator is made. You can confirm that the operator is available by sending an email if one is provided. In the event the operator is unavailable when you want to place a call, you can send an email to the operator to set up a call when the operator is available. Charge backs can result in being permanently blocked from accessing this site.

How am I billed when connected to the operator?
Before you can connect with the operator you have to be logged in. You will only be billed for the call time you purchase. If your call time is less than the amount purchased, the remaining balance will stay in your account to be used for another call. Your credit card is only billed when you purchase a call or tip/tribute.

How can I contact Billing support?
You can contact support by emailing *For Zombaio Click Here

How can I contact customer support if I’m having trouble or questions about using this site?
You can contact us for assistance and questions about using the site by sending an email to

Promise of Privacy:
We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted data to encrypt all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.
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