One of the best things about phone sex is role playing

I love it when a guy tells me his fantasy and we play it out. I've played everything from a naughty school girl to a Mistress. There are alot of girls out there with just one specialty but it's so much more fun to do it all. I'm always being asked questions like 'what's your favorite role to play?', 'what's the wildest thing you've ever done on a call?', or 'what really turns you on?'. I find these questions impossible to answer because I can never narrow it down to just one thing. Besides, I think they ask those questions because they are trying to figure out if I'll be open to whatever it is they want to get into anyway. Alot of phone sex girls say 'anything goes' and don't really mean it, I assure you that I mean it! The whole purpose of phone sex is about Fantasy. Going places in your sexuality that you either want to go for real at some point, may never do but the fantasy turns you on and you need to play it out, or you just want to explore something new. Because the possibilities of sex are limitless, phone sex should be the same way. It doesn't matter if you're in the mood to just be yourself or someone else, I'm open to it.So I ask you.....What role can I play for you? What role would you like to play for me?

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We've all heard the expression that confession is good for the soul. I have many callers that confess things they've done or secretly want to do. I came across a website where you can anonymously post your confessions and wanted to share some with you.
  • I secretly video taped my partner and I having sex in the shower and share it on the net.
  • I peed all over my girlfriends underpants, hung them on the line until they were dry and then folded them and put them away.
  • I'd love for my wife to have sex with other men then tell me all the dirty details while feeding me her cream pie. Unfortunately I can't even discuss this with my wife as she's too straight. Can anyone help make this fantasy come true?
  • My girlfriend has always been the dominant one. I loved it when she started using a strapon on me. Now she also brings home men to fuck me. I am the world's luckiest man!!
  • I have had sex with 4 different men in the last 18 months. I had sex with one guy then went home to my partner and had sex with him. I get hot thinking about it!
  • I'm addicted to sex... I love having sex with strangers, public places and black men drive me wild
If you have something to confess, feel free to leave your comment to this entry. Read more confessions

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Phone Sex VS. Real Sex 

When it comes to sex, most would say that there's nothing like the real thing and for the most part, I agree BUT.....sometimes phone sex can be more satisfying.

There isn't just one reason why some like phone sex better, it depends on what they need sexually. I don't have to tell anyone what makes sex good but alot of times there's something missing. I've done calls with guys whose wife was in the next room or in the same room while the wife was asleep;) Why would they call me instead of making love to the woman that's right there? Sometimes a man wants more.

Let's face it, most guys call phone sex because they are horny and no one is there to have sex with and masturbating while talking to a girl with a hot voice is better than masturbating alone. These are NOT the phone sex callers I'm speaking of. The callers I'm talking about enjoy phone sex more than real sex for other reasons like:

  • They are in control and can make the experience be what 'they' want.
  • The freedom of talking about what really turns them on, no matter how kinky it may be.
  • Their partner isn't into some of the things they like and may leave them if they knew;)
  • The girl on the phone is always ready, willing, and almost never says no.
  • It's all about him and his fantasy
  • It's less work

I've had guys tell me that their orgasms are more intense having phone sex than with their partner. There are women who feel the same way. I recently read an article where a woman was seeking advice to help her enjoy real sex as much as phone sex. (click here to read it)

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