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My Shoe Slave


*Disclaimer: Any blog entries that reveal a name of a caller is by request. I respect the privacy of my callers and will only name those that wish to be exposed. Any similarities of subject matter is by coincidence and not intended to portray any person or incident and are based on fantasies unless otherwise stated.

Addicted to Shoes

I sometimes get callers that have a foot or shoe fetish or both but several months ago I got a call from a guy named Jason from New York. Jason’s obsession with shoes is much deeper than your typical fetish. He’s addicted to paying me to program his mind to live his life as a shoe slave. He sits in front of his computer for hours and sometimes days, watching videos and images of shoes while stroking himself. I enjoy making him do this for me and I constantly bring him to the edge and NEVER allow him to cum:) He loves it when I tell him how I talk about him to my girlfriends and how they laugh at him. As a matter of fact when he reads this, he’s going to get alot of pleasure out of it.

So you may be thinking, that’s not so unusual, the guy just gets turned on by shoes. It’s so much deeper than that. Mr. Jason W. says the shoes actually talk to him lol. He loves licking the bottoms and having a shoe strapped to his face by wrapping stockings around his head forcing him to smell the inside. I should mention that he has quite a thing for stocking too.

He has given me lots of information to expose him, like his phone number, address, plate number, and where he works. He even asked to marry me and make him sign power of attorney papers so I can control all his money! …what a loser:)) It excites him that he has given me all this power to use against him and I do believe in giving my callers what they want. I’ve published posts all over the internet about him but he doesn’t know where to find it and that’s one of the ways I keep him in control.

If there are any girls in New York state that would like to get anything they want by just wearing a pair of sexy high heels, let me know and I’ll point you straight to him. He will empty his bank account just to have you literally walk all over him.

I’ll be writing and revealing more about Jason as he sinks deeper into his addiction so stay tuned;)

Sissy’s and Gays “On Command”

Our sexuality is something we know at an early age. We go through life engaging with those we are attracted to, be it the opposite sex or both sexes. Coming out of the closet is a term we’re all familiar with but I’m going to shed some light on men that want to be pushed out and told how and when to do it. These guys usually fall into 2 categories. They either have never acted on their urges or have been dressing up and having sexual encounters with men in secret.

The first time a caller told me that they love dressing up like a girl and wanted my help to become a real sissy or that they’ve always wanted to suck cock but they would only do it for me, I was a little confused. You’d think that if a person wanted do something or be who they truly are that they would just do it but I’ve found that that is not always the case. My ‘help’ usually involves helping them shop for clothes, instructing them to put out ads to hook up with other men, sending them to a glory hole, or going out in public in full Sissy attire for the first time. It sometimes takes a while for them to reach their goal but we always get there but it is a process.

To show you what I mean I will briefly give you the journey of 2 of my callers……

Caller #1 – Had only worn the one pair of panties and one pair of high heels he owned in the privacy of his own home when we began. Now ‘She’ has several pairs of sexy shoes, panties for everyday of the week, lots of lingerie and stockings that I helped pick out. She also went from playing with toys to being with real men because I told her it was time to be the real cock and cum loving Sissy that she is. I get so many emails from her thanking me for my help and how happy she is now proudly living as a true sissy in every way.

Caller #2 – He’d been going to glory holes for a while but hadn’t found what he really wanted which was a BBC but he never had the nerve to actually go out and get on his own. He agreed to follow my instructions to make this happen by putting out an ad that said he was looking for a black guy that was at least 8 inches that would not only make him his bitch but would agree to have his Mistress listen in and give instructions during the encounter. It took a while to find the right candidate, but we found someone. My caller told me many times how envisioned his fantasy of having a big black cock would be and I made sure that it happened just the way he wanted. Needless to say, he also can’t thank me enough for making him go through with it. Not only does he now have such encounters on a regular basis but he now openly admits to being gay.

Why some will only act ‘on command’ in their desire to be a true Sissy or gay man, I’m not exactly sure but the way I see is they may get more sexual satisfaction by submitting and obeying orders from a Mistress or they want to be able to say “I only did it because Layla made me do it”, or they just like having someone else participating in their naughty deeds. Either way, I am always more than happy to be of assistance because making a callers fantasy come true is at the top of my job description;)

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