Layla’s Feedback

Average Rating :  – 10 out of 10
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David So hot! 10
Total Deviant Fuck me. I have no words. Normally I can say something, but it’s all going to sound lame and generic. Layla works the fantasies brilliantly and I am always surprised she can push each call beyond the point of the last. And I really shouldn’t be surprised! She’s the only one that can pull this perversity out of me. 10
Catwoman Fan She’s wonderful. 10
Brian Absolutely incredible. Voice is perfect. 10
Baz744 Best operator EVAR! Seriously though, very professional girl, very committed to her work. Someone below said “gets inside your head.” Very apt phrase. Too bad the stars here only go up to 10! 10
Kinky Adam Layla was great ran out of money but will be calling again 10
P Layla is the real deal – call her guys! 10
Tommys Layla makes every single call special. It’s always so sensual, erotic and personal. 10
Tommys This was a challenging role play. No one could have delivered the performance and sincerity that Layla did. 10
Tommys It’s hard to praise someone when they have been the best for so long but thanks for always making it just as good as the first time. 10
Tommys If you call Layla, you will be here saying the same things. She will be your favorite too. 10
Tommys A hundred stars wouldn’t be enough to do justice to Layla. 10
Tommys Can’t praise Layla enough. I always get the most amazing role plays no matter what I chose. 10
Tommys You cannot find anyone better. So sexy, erotic and knows just when and what buttons to push to turn you on. 10
Tommys No one delivers a role play like Layla. It’s always perfect. 10
Tom Seriously pervy and nasty!! 10
Tommys What a fantastic call! Layla is so incredibly hot! 10
Tommys Thanks Layla. Seems every call we do you manage to outdo yourself again. Makes me impatient for the next call. 10
Tommys Good luck finding a better call than Layla. She is the best at whatever role play you can dream up. 10
Tommys Nothing short of amazing! So sensuous and creative that you will be lucky to make it to the end of the role play. 10
Tommys What can you say besides Layla always does a great call. 10
Total Deviant Layla can turn a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream into liquid hot magma just by looking at it and laughing. So think what she can do when she sets her eyes on you! 10 10
Total Deviant Just when I think I have reached the highest level of intensity and the lowest level of depravity, Layla finds new levels and locks me in them with no cable TV and no bathroom breaks! I am a prisoner to lust and she will never release me. 10 10
Trebor23 Layla is fantastic! She really knows how to please and remembers all the things that really turn you on and gives you just what you need. Great call! 10
Catwoman Fan She makes it seem effortless . . . turns it on slowly or full blast . . . whatever is required. 10
Baz744 10
Baz744 Very nice girl, sweet voice. Creative. Had nice input for the call. 10
Youngkimmy Wow, I am so glad I called this morning. Layla got me feeling so good. 😉 10
Manatee 10
Luke Awesome 10
Sub J No taboo greedy cunt!!! Beautiful!!! 10
Sub J Twisted cock-teasing bitch!!! 10
Breedingstud2103 Well lets just say I am very thorough and specific when it comes to my detailed roleplays. I have had countless bad calls with other operators and some decent ones. Layla is the first that deserves such a rating. She is great at perceiving what you want. Excellent job my dear 10
Voyer I’ll be back for more. Expert role player 10
Manatee yeah! 10
Sweetscot INCREDIBLE! Just when you think it can’t get any better, Layla’s role-play takes you to new heights of pleasure. 10
Tommys Amazing! you are so hot and the sincerity in your call makes it so intense. Absolutely as good as it gets. 10
Tommys Fantastic role play! Always is, but this one was extra special. Thanks 10
Tommys You are always great but this time you were over the top. Your timing and ability to remember just how to please made this just about the best call we ever did. Thanks. 10
Tommys You took a new role play and made it into a Bestseller. Thanks again for a terrific call. 10
Tommys Just the hands down most amazing call! For that matter, they all are will you. 10
Tommys You want a truly great call….call Layla. She always goes the extra mile to please. 10
Tommys You can’t do a better call than Layla. She gets in your head and knows exactly what you want. 10
Fergal82 Exceptional girl, knows exactly how to please ya and then make you explode inside of her. would give her 11 stars if i could!! awesome! 10
Dennisd A great call, always taken me where I want to go. 10
Tom Very open, real, and nasty!! 10
Sweetscot Terrific – as usual. 10
Sweetscot Another great call. Fantastic fantasy role-play. 10
Sweetscot Gorgeous voice. Best cuckold fantasy role play.Loved it. 10
Dude So hot, That sweet sexy voice leads you to incredible experiences 10
Total Deviant Please provide feedback… 10
Mstr sexy sweet 10
Mstr 10
Mstr 10
Matthew99 wow haven’t cam this much in a long time thanks baby 10
Dude Layla ls the sexiest and sweetest woman ever encountered. She has taken me to the heights of sexual experiences like no others. By far the best calls and a fantastic operator. very addictive. 10
Dude An unbelievablel sexual experience that lasted an hour and half and 3 orgasms.. can’t wait for next. 10
Tommys Love the way you carry a role play. Absolute realism! You put so much into it that it I can feel your emotion. Adds tremendously to the outcome. 10
John Wow thank you for letting me lick you. Best I’ve experienced! 10
Total Deviant Every call with Layla is so intense it may take a year off your life, but so what – keep calling; you weren’t gonna do anything else interesting with the rest of your life anyway! 10
Tommys Always great role play but this was truly spectacular. Your sexy voice and creativity combined for an amazing call. 10
Tommys They simply are going to either start a higher level of excellence or make more stars available for Layla. Always the absolute best call! 10
Sub J Wow! What a selfish greeedy cocktease. 10
Manatee 10
Tommys Outstanding roleplay! You took a rough draft and turned it into a bestseller. You make it so incrdeibly intense. Awesome! Thank you. 10
Jack69 Phew! Fasten your seat belt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Fantastic woman! 10
Tommys It doesn’t get any better the the roleplay you do with Layla. No matter what you want, she is the best. 10
Tommys The best there is for erotic roleplay! Layla will lead you to extasy. 10
Tommys Fabulous roleplay. Absolutely perfect! 10


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