The girlfriend experience is something that is commonly known in the escort industry but many are enjoying it with phone sex operators as well. Sometimes a caller wants to do more than just get off and hang up. They want a more intimate experience where they can talk about things other than sex. Not to be confused with a casual chat session, the GFE call will eventually lead to sex but it’s not rushed and the parties involved take the time to connect on a deeper level.

It’s easy to see why a man would enjoy a GFE with an escort but some may wonder how this can be satisfying over the phone with no physical interaction?  The fact is, a GFE  with a PSO can be very fulfilling and Hot! These relationships can also last a long time, sometimes for years.

Speaking from my own experiences, the callers that enjoy the GFE are usually those who:

  • Want to be in a relationship but may not have the time due to a busy lifestyle or career.
  • Is shy and may not be very comfortable around women.
  • Is married or in a relationship with someone that he may not be comfortable talking to about his secret sexual fantasies.
  • Wants to have a relationship his way and likes be in control of  how and when things happen.

What they like:

  • Obviously, there is phone sex but it’s very slow and detailed. It can be anything from vanilla, to kinky, to rough.
  • Watching porn together.
  • Talking about or planning a hookup with someone they want to date or sleep with.
  • Talking about their personal life ( work, family, friends)
  • Webcam sessions.
  • Email and IM communication on a regular basis.
  • Sharing their fantasies and playing them out.
  • Confessing secrets.

Of course the girlfriend experience is not for everyone but sometimes it just happens. It’s very possible to connect with someone in a very personal and intimate way over the phone. So if you like the idea of  having a  girlfriend without the commitment and no strings attached, you may want to give the GFE a try😉